Aluminium Bi-Fold doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors make a great addition to any home, from the most modern to the most traditional. The sleek, slim sightlines achieved from using aluminium mean that you are offered clear, unobstructed views of your garden. Your interiors will also be tastefully illuminated with natural light.

As these doors open to reveal a huge, unobstructed space, you are truly blurring the lines between home and garden. Using Smart Architectural Aluminium, these doors offer incredible thermal efficiency, security and durability.



Aluminium is a highly secure building material. This means that we can offer slimmer profiles without compromising on security. These doors also feature state of the art locking systems to keep unwanted visitors out of your home.


These doors are completely resistant to corrosion and rusting and will stand firm no matter what the British winter throws at them. Aluminium will not warp or swell with changes in weather so your doors will continue to look great and work well for years to come.


In addition to great aesthetics, aluminium bi-fold doors are also extremely practical. Their large, unobstructed opening means that they’re ideal for people with mobility issues, those in wheelchairs and even those with pushchairs.

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