Aluminium Windows

  • Your windows need to be able to withstand anything that the British winter might throw at them without succumbing.
  • You desire the sleek sightlines that come with slim profiles but don’t want to sacrifice security.
  • Natural light helps to make your home look more spacious and large airy windows allow you beautiful views of your garden.

Previously, aluminium windows have been written off as being far less heat retentive than uPVC windows. However, with the modern, thermally broken profile from Smart Architectural Aluminium, this need no longer be a concern.

Due to their extremely sleek sightlines and near-limitless range of colours, aluminium windows create a striking feature for any property.



Aluminium is a naturally hardy building material, and will not succumb to the adverse effects of poor weather.


As aluminium is so strong, you can have much slimmer profiles than with uPVC, without sacrificing security.


Slimmer profiles mean wider, more panoramic views. It also means more natural light, which will complement the interiors of any home.

Beautiful windows and doors for modern or traditional homes!