Bi-Fold Doors

bi fold doors

Our uPVC bi-fold doors are an incredible luxury option for any home. Bi-fold doors allow you to basically replace an entire wall of a room with glass, creating a seamless transition between home and garden. With a customisable number of glass panels, there’s a bi-fold door to suit a home of any size and style.

Whether your home is a smaller property or a sprawling estate, a bi-fold door will allow you to open up your living space and feel at one with your surroundings.

Bright and airy

Any building, small or large, modern or traditional, will feel brighter and more airy when complemented with a set of bi-fold doors. As they are predominantly glass and will take up most of a wall, they let in a huge amount of natural light.


Though these doors are largely glass, they’re not just a pretty face. Our bi-fold doors have been fabricated to the highest standards of security, and come equipped with top of the range locking systems and tough double glazing.


As bi-fold doors are designed to open so wide and fold into a specially designed aperture, they're also highly practical. The large, unobstructed opening means that they’re ideal for people with mobility issues, wheelchairs or pushchairs.

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