Bow and Bay Windows

  • During the summer months it’s important that your windows offer adequate ventilation to prevent your home becoming stuffy.
  • Nothing creates the illusion of space like natural light. Bright and airy windows make a smaller home appear much larger.
  • If you eventually decide to sell your home, your choice of windows can be a crucial factor when it comes to the asking price.

Bow and bay windows add a beautiful focal point to any home. Made from several discrete casement windows, bow and bay windows let in a huge amount of natural light, and allow you to see out into your garden.


The difference between bow and bay windows is that bay windows are set at a 90 degree angle. Both bow windows and bay windows are a great way to add a focal point to any room in the house.


Both bow and bay windows benefit from having two functional windows to allow for superior ventilation. The two windows are typically on opposite sides, allowing for an incredible cross-breeze.


As bow and bay windows protrude from the side of your house, you benefit from a huge amount of natural light. Natural light is an incredible way to illuminate the interiors of your home to make your property appear more spacious.

Kerb appeal

Bow and bay windows are notable because they can add to the value of a house. They also are highly observable from outside, which means you can be the envy of all of your neighbours.

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